8 Best Composting Toilets and Accessories Review

Sun Mar Composting Toilet

Today we talk about the best composting toilets for clean, green living. Not everyone is into the whole “eco-friendly” thing, but it is hard to argue with how useful a composting toilet can be. We wanted to really go in depth here, so consider this your comprehensive guide to composting toilets and related info. Composting … Read more

15 Best Paint Sprayers in 2023 (Review, Guide, and Tips)

A Man Using a Paint Sprayer

If you’re about to start a large painting project, one of the best ways to save time is by investing in a paint sprayer. While sprayers aren’t necessary for every job, they certainly have their place. In this guide, I’ll share everything I know about these devices, including my favorite accessories, painting tips, and of … Read more

Why is My House So Humid? Here’s Why and How to Fix It

rain drops from humid weather

Too much of anything is a bad thing and although we need humidity to feel comfortable and even boost our health, too much humidity provides the exact opposite! Moisture is a silent killer of all things electronics and is the number tool used by mold to grow and reproduce. With mold on the walls and … Read more

15 Best Home Security Camera Systems in 2023 (Wireless & Wired)

Home Security Camera System

Home security is one of the biggest concerns on new and seasoned homeowners alike. Many homeowners find themselves asking is my home safe from intruders? How will I know if an intruder gets into my home? What evidence can I provide to find out who an intruder is? If these are questions on your mind, … Read more

8 Best Air Quality Monitors for Indoor Use in 2023

Air Quality Monitor on a Desk

People spend up to 90% of their time indoors and breathing indoor air. The most shocking thing is that indoor air quality (IAQ) is often much worse than the air quality outdoors. In fact, indoor air quality can even achieve levels fifty to one-hundred times worse than outdoor air quality. People never think about the … Read more

The 10 Most Comfortable Recliners in 2023

The Most Comfortable Recliner in the Wolrd

When shopping for a comfortable recliner, the sheer amount of options can be dizzying. There are so many styles and features to choose from. How could you possibly decide on one without sitting on it first? Don’t worry, we have tested and researched recliners extensively, and provided you with a comprehensive buying guide, along with … Read more

16 Most Energy Efficient Space Heaters in 2023 (All Types)

Energy Efficient Space Heater

Many homeowners are beginning to utilize electric space heaters to cut down energy costs and heat small portions of their home more efficiently than central heating. Electric space heaters have been around for quite some time now, however, their utilization rates have been a bit low historically due to malfunctions causing fires and a plethora … Read more

11 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2023 Review

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you’ve never had to replace a bathroom exhaust fan, or you’ve never built a new home, then your bathroom fan has probably gone unnoticed. In fact, I’ve run into a few situations where people literally ask me what the point of a bathroom fan is. Really. The truth is that bathroom fans are code-dictated … Read more

10 Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping & Less Background Noise

Super Quiet Fan

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make a room feel cooler, a fan is your best bet. The problem is most fans are poorly designed and loud. If you’re a light sleeper or someone that doesn’t like dealing with a lot of background noise, this guide is for you. After a TON of … Read more

10 Best Portable Air Compressors for Cars and Home Use in 2023

Portable Air Compressor Next to a Truck

Fortunately for us, air compressors are no longer these massive heavy pumps with a tank attached that has to be plugged in to receive power. The design of the air compressor has come a very long way and now, even if you’re miles away from an electrical outlet, you can safely and reliably fill up … Read more